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  • M.E. Allison & Co. Inc. Profile

M. E. Allison & Co., Inc. was founded in San Antonio, Texas in 1946. Today, M. E. Allison & Co., Inc. is the oldest privately owned investment firm in the State of Texas. Since its inception, the Firm has continued to operate out of its corporate offices in San Antonio. M. E. Allison & Co., Inc. is a full service independent broker/dealer. Our Firm operates as an introducing firm on a fully disclosed basis.

The Firm began its business by providing financial advisory and underwriting services to municipal entities across Texas. M. E. Allison was a founding member of the Municipal Advisory Council of Texas and played a fundamental part in developing the infrastructure of Texas. Some of its accomplishments include:

  • Funding the first toll bridge with bonds
  • Funding the first sea wall improvements with bonds
  • Funding the second housing bond issue in Texas
  • Funding the first grain elevator in the United States
  • Funding the first swimming pool in Texas with revenue bonds
  • Underwriting the first advance refunding bond issue in Texas
  • Underwriting the first advance refunding bond issue for the City of San Antonio which saved the citizens approximately $33 million in interest costs
  • Funding the first industrial revenue bond issue
  • Funded the first water transportation pipeline in Texas

The Firm has provided unparalleled investment services for high net worth individuals and institutional clients. Our trained representatives have defined individual investment objectives and have formulated plans to best achieve them. We have a number of clients that depend on their investment accounts to provide the majority of their living income and we have structured their investment accounts to strike a balance between growth and income with a goal to have the investment income continue for as long as needed. The company has evolved from essentially underwriting municipal bonds and financial advisory services to include equity markets. These products include:

  • Financial Advisory Services to Municipalities
  • Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds
  • Variable Annuities
  • Money Market Accounts
  • Cash Management Accounts
  • Financial Planning
  • Retirement Planning
  • Money Management and Asset Consulting Services
  • Private Placement of Debt and Securities
  • Underwriting Public Issues
  • Competitive Bidding of Public Issues
  • Valuation Services
  • Block Bid Services for Large Institutional and Private Investors

The Firm holds memberships in the following industry organizations:

  • Securities & Exchange Commission
  • Texas State Securities Board
  • Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA)
  • Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board
  • Securities Investors Protection Association
  • Municipal Advisory Council of Texas (a founding member)
  • Texas Stock & Bond Dealers Association

M.E. Allison & Co., Inc. partners with National Financial Services (NFS) to facilitate customer accounts. Our clearing firms carry all accounts. NFS works with over 350 Broker-Dealers across the country. All accounts are insured by the SIPC (Securities Investors Protection Corporation). NFS has also arranged for additional coverage above these limits. Neither coverage protects against a decline in the market value of securities, nor does either coverage extend to certain securities that are considered ineligible for coverage.

Following are some of the best attributes of M. E. Allison & Co., Inc.:

  • Personalized Service. M. E. Allison & Co., Inc. is a regional Firm and believes the most important quality that separates it from more bureaucratic organizations is personalized service. We know our customers. We realize they have different needs. M. E. Allison & Co., Inc. tries to anticipate customers’ needs and fulfill them expeditiously.

  • Wide Variety of Investment Products. Because the Firm does not generate products internally there is no incentive to sell one product over another. We compare various competing products and find the one that is right for our customers.

  • Experienced Investment Professionals. Our investment representatives have an average of over 23 years in the investment business. Continuing education is emphasized so our representatives can stay abreast of the ever-changing investment products.

  • Integrity and Reputation. One of the Firm’s most important achievements has been operating for over sixty years. This represents our commitment to the highest ethical standards and practices for our clients. We stand behind our service.

The Firm currently employs approximately twenty people. There has been no change in structure or ownership since its incorporation and management has not changed over the last 10 years.


M. E. Allison, Jr., Chief Executive Officer, Financial Advisor, Syndicate and Customer Sales

Christopher R. Allison, President, Chief Financial Officer, Financial Advisor, Syndicate and Customer Sales

Linde Murphy, Chief Compliance Officer

Mark A. Seal, Senior Vice President, Financial Advisor

Leland M. Stone, Vice President, Customer Sales

Our Firm and our clearing firm use various mission critical systems to provide services to our customers. The use of an electronic display platform provided by Bloomberg allows our municipal offerings to be seen by broker/dealers and institutional investors nationwide. It is recognized by the FINRA, SEC, NYSE, and NASDAQ as an industry wide accepted means of advertising securities owned and offered by broker/dealers throughout the United States. Not only does it list municipal bonds, it also includes a database of corporate stocks, etc.

The Firm has subscribed to this service for approximately twenty years. Bloomberg Pick Municipal Bond Offering Service has an average in excess of 15,000 municipal bond offerings daily with an average par amount of bonds in excess of $5,000,000,000.00 daily.

Quality of service is also important. Even though most bankers provide the same services they may not provide the same level of service. Through concentration of its resources, M. E. Allison & Co. has been able to provide its clients with the day-to-day attention and accessibility, which they demand.

Neither any of the Firm’s registered representatives nor its employees have received any disciplinary actions by any State or federal regulatory body in the past five years.