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Our Firm's History

Founded in San Antonio, Texas in 1946, M.E. Allison & Co., Inc. is the oldest privately owned investment firm in the State of Texas. Since its inception, the firm has continued to operate out of its corporate offices in San Antonio. M.E. Allison & Co., Inc. is a full service independent broker/dealer. Our firm operates as an introducing firm on a fully disclosed basis.

The firm began its business by providing financial advisory and underwriting services to municipal entities across Texas. M.E. Allison was a founding member of the Municipal Advisory Council of Texas and played a fundamental part in developing the infrastructure of Texas. Some of its accomplishments include:

  • Funding the first toll bridge with bonds
  • Funding the second housing bond issue in Texas
  • Underwriting the first advance refunding bond issue in Texas
  • Funding the first industrial revenue bond issue
  • Funding the first water transportation pipeline in Texas
  • Funding the first swimming pool in Texas with revenue bonds

Our Memberships

  • Securities & Exchange Commission
  • Securities Investors Protection Association
  • Texas State Securities Board
  • Municipal Advisory Coucil of Texas
    (a founding member)
  • Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board
  • Texas Stock & Bond Dealers Association
  • Financial Industry Regulatory Authority

Principal Officers

M.E. Allison Jr.
Chief Executive Officer

Christopher R. Allison
President, Chief Financial Officer

Linde Murphy
Chief Compliance Officer

Murphy Emmons
Senior Vice President

Leland M. Stone
Vice President